Now securely share your information with us

No more faxing or making trips to our office. Simply upload your W-2, 1099 statements, or any other information you need to give us with your own unique login.

About Our Client Portal


What is Intuit Link?

Intuit Link is a secure online portal that allows you to share documents to us. Simply log on to your account and choose which documents you want to upload. You can upload W-2s, 1099s, a copy of last years return, or anything else that is needed to complete your taxes.

Have a question or need to let us know about a change? No problem, the chat feature allows you to correspond with us through the portal. If we notice you are missing a form, we can also request needed documents and you'll receive an email notification letting you know what we need. With Intuit Link, you can feel confident that all your tax information is secured safely and that any concerns will be addressed in a convenient way.

We Now Use DocuSign

What is DocuSign?

Docusign allows us to send you a secure electronic copy of your tax return with the signature pages needed to complete your return. DocuSign will walk you through which forms you need to sign for your taxes and allow you to electronically sign the documents we need to process your return.

No more trips to pick up your returns.

Not a fan of a hard copy? DocuSign allows the flexibility of getting your tax papers signed whenever or wherever.